Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Have you LOST YOUR MIND?" love mom

My sister may be one of like 3 individuals on this planet who understand me. This is strange to me because I think I am pretty direct--so where does the confusion lie?

I say, "Not kidding, Sissy from May 20th 2012 to July 28th 2012--my phone will be off. IDONT CARE IF SOMEONE DIES, DO NOT TELL ME!"

Well, I don't think that is too much to ask. Seriously, I don't. Not like when my friend Disney's selfish ass boyfriend broke up with her during the bar exam. I still hate him for that. They are still together and she still has not passed the bar. But she will, I have no doubt. Me on the other hand---who the fuck knows.

Anyway, Sissy tells the WHOLE UNIVERSE about what I said and now everytime I see someone they say, "Hope I don't die while you are studying for the bar exam."

After the 5th person said it to me I finally said WTF! WHY IS THIS A BIG DEAL? AM I CRAZY?


On St. Valentine day I skipped up the stairs to my office aka THE LAW OFFICE OF BROKEN DREAMS, I grinned from ear to ear because I had a GREAT idea! Maybe I shouldve decorated for Valentines day? All those poor broken hearted people would surely enjoy cupid and hearts all over the place right? FUCK NO.

Then I remembered about this song I thought we should have on loop when we put clients on hold.

You know MOST of my clients have stupid ass "eat shit" songs as their ring when you call them. Just in case the ex calls they can see how much they are either not going to cry OR How about this one. Then there is the good old, let me disrupt your new life and remind you that I'm still not over you....

Personally, I prefer this and then there is Rhianna!!!

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