Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not a One L...Not Quite a Lawyer...

You know just enough to get yourself in trouble right? Right. The urge to run before I walk is overwhelming me. If it were up to me I'd be opening up a firm tomorrow---haven't even sat for the BAR!!! I'm sure to lose it before I take that exam. It's this awkward position you hold as a soon to be doctoral graduate but NOT a licensed Attorney / a J.D. but not an Esq. My thoughts are entirely consumed with ideas and theories of how I can reinvent the wheel, and work 900 hours a week, and do contract work and appearances and this and that and I'll have a puppy in my office and a closet with spare things, and a coffee pot,....and my very favorite is the state of the art sound system I'll have and three computer monitors. Craziness. Madness.

The other day I noticed that me and the lady who calls the shots at that thankless fucking job have MAJOR communication issues. It appears as though she is anticipating my meaning before I finish my sentence. Like every word out of my mouth is calculated to take a tiny stab at her. Which it is not. No one should give me that much credit. Usually, I mean exactly what I her anyway. I definitely talk in code but not with her. On a social level, I won't spend time on people who can't just figure out what I mean. The disdain I feel for those who dont "get it" is really shitty. Whatever, no one is perfect.

I digress. My communications with my boss are straight forward. She always looks like she can hardly wait to respond and then cuts me off and responds before I finish---- in a defensive manner. It is so annoying. I constantly feel like I am offending her. Here is my advice to you, my dear young, firecracker, boss:

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NK said...

not just your boss...:) all of us can gain from your advice("think more..."). But I guess its not about understanding the small truths of life...but 'realizing' them. Like we all know we will die...but Buddha 'realized' it and set of on his journey to find the meaning of the cycle of life and death :).
I am sure your boss already knows it.