Thursday, May 17, 2012

HI$ 10 My 25 heard right. I had a short and intense little love affair with a TWENTY FIVE year old. How the hell did that happen? And why NOW? Don't worry--our eleven day tryst is over but boy was it FUN!

We met at school--oops, I did it again! Next thing you know we are madly in love. Not for real but it felt like it. How wonderful to be with someone who treated me the way I haven't been treated in years. He was absolutely smitten. Unfortunately, I have finished law school and will begin barbri on Weds. My lil One L is moving back home for the summer and so thank god we could not continue this crazy---crazy "thing."

So On Monday I am disconnecting in every way from the world---It's game time kids!


Megan said...

good luck with barbri and the exam!! i know you will do great! remember to take small sanity breaks for yourself, trust me, come exam time your brain will be glad. also, dont be afraid to veer off barbri's carefully laid out path. when there were subjects i felt comfortable with, i didnt spend a ton of time on them. sending you lots of good juju :-)

Michael said...

Good luck with barbri! :-)