Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to be a Lady

You wanted to get treated like a princess? Then act like a lady! This is what classy ladies do (and old fashioned Mexican ladies):

1. Look nice! This means shower daily, makeup, hair, and clothes not yoga pants all day

2. Live a healthy lifestyle including your diet, exercise and vitamins

3. Wash your face before bed, apply creams to everything- feet, hands, lips etc

4. Obviously brush, floss and scrape your god forsaken tongue

5. Sit still when on a date

6. Don't tell him about your family until date 10 or maybe never

7. Have no strings attached sex if you want!

8. Learn how to do things, I am going to take cooking classes and skydive and take a road trip to a super small city for people watching purposes ---alone

I give up! I'm not able to articulate it as deliciously as Anna David...You really must read her book!

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