Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Raining Men...Not Kidding!

Firemen, Lawyers, Doctors, Executives, Chef's, you name it..I got it! Ok, so how did this happen suddenly? Well, for one I did some profile fixing and made my "About Me" truly reflect me, my intentions, and what I want. It was clear, concise, and short. No BS, no annoying abbreviations, and I basically said, "If you want to take me out, ask; otherwise, don't bother me." Turns out the fellas like the direct approach.

I HAVE to go thru them all, read their emails, make a list, and arrange dates. These guys are all successful, smart, relatively attractive, tall, tall, tall, and seem like they have their shit together. I can't let these dudes pass me by-

On an unrelated note...I decided to wear red lipstick today because I love red lipstick. Usually I save the red lips for very special occasions but what the hell! My niece and I went shopping and she is stunning mind you, but her coupled with my red lips woke this sleepy town up this morning. Sometimes, you just have to wear red lipstick even on a Sunday, to get groceries.

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