Sunday, August 5, 2012

Every Little Girls Dream-


Pinterest has stolen my soul and as a result I am constantly forced to see wedding picture shit while looking for my next brilliant quote or funny someecard.

After searching "dream" for my last post, I was inundated with wedding shit. That got me to thinking...How fucking sad is it that many women's BIGGEST DREAM in life is to walk down the aisle. More specifically, to wear a wedding dress because to be frank we all know that is ALL it actually boils down to. Wearing the dress, looking beautiful, being mean to your slaves bridesmaids, making your fiance wish he never met you, and wasting TONS, AND TONS of money---only to end in divorce.

How stupid is this and why doesn't EVERYONE realize how dumb this is?

The very most horrific and demoralizing part is the throwing of the bouquet. Which I had to research because I swore that was not kosher anymore. Apparently girls will be dumb girls and they still fight for the fucking flowers. Ugh...humiliating!

I'm all for marriage, and in fact I take it very, very, seriously and have super strong views about monogamy- How it is unnatural and how WE as a human species make that sacrifice to procreate, build wealth, and have a friend to grow old with. I digress. This does not however mean I will EVER be ok with putting on an expensive spectacle and I will NOT be in YOUR wedding so don't ask. I strategically plan for these things and plan accordingly. Sorry. It's just so dumb I cannot bear it!

My Life Dream is not to wear a wedding dress but rather...

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