Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Cut and Paste Approach to Dating

Shortly after I received an email from an incredibly handsome professional football player (not kidding) I received this email and I thought, wow...this is efficient and boring. Obviously, I will stay away from the football player despite my temptation to indulge but the Dr. I may not be able to resist. I'm thinking this may be a ploy for a green card, hmmm.

xxxxxxxx 8/4/2012 1:09:59 PM

I am looking for an amazing woman with beautiful mind to build a beautiful thing together and I am ready to do everything for finding my Queen.

You may find my brief resume in website of my advanced technology company ( then go page “About US” or simply

If you are accidently one of girls believe that sexiest part of a man is his intelligence, I am one of those guys who developed extremely complicated mathematical model of big bang and creation of the universe. I am famous for that issue and also rocket designs and Nuclear Fusion. I have also about 130 publications in nuclear fusion and extraordinary ability in mathematics. I have been in more than 40 countries and I can speak 6 different languages. I know how treat a woman because I am a real man.
Please reply me if you care about followings:

1) You have potential to love somebody and to be loved by him deeply.
2) If intelligence of a man is important for you. Not ordinary intelligence, I mean extraordinary one.

Dr. xxxxxxxxx

Source: via Veronika on Pinterest

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