Friday, August 17, 2012

Morman v. Me [God or Superior Court]

My first Facebook Battle:

This is a real quote "in God's eyes you are married until the govt says u r not. The bible is very clear on that." Ummmm think he's conflicted
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Debbie ummmm
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Debbie who said that and what bible passage is that?
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Jimmie the same verse that says, "oh btw, this book is a bunch of bullshit"
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Pollyanna Smith Hahah
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Debbie Oh jimmie
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Mormon: The Holy Bible ( The King James Version,The Old and New Testament) are records of ancient Prophets and is the word of God! The stories in the Bible are True and I know that he holds married couples to extremly high degrees, both civil and Eternal marriages and is never to be taken lightly!
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ME: Dear Mormon...I highly doubt the bible says you are married in his eyes until the superior court county of XXX says so. I think u missed the irony in his ignorant statement.
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JD: And also..there is that one glass house analogy....
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Mormon: Im confused on your statement too! Lol! Its all good! Xo
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JD to Mormon XOXO
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JD to Mormon: by the way Mormon this quote was written on a legal document addressed to a judge.
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Mormon: Glass house analogy?? Gurlll, what I got from the first post, whether its from the Bible or not, is that God holds a couples marriage accountable until there is a civil divorce which I agree with whether its a quote from the Bible or not! Then I saw disrespectful and Blaspheme comments towards the Bible so I bore my Testimony to the Truthfulness of the Holy Bible!! I was confused on whether you believed the quote or did not believe the quote and am still unsure what your belief is! I was just defending Our Father in Heavens views on married couples!
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JD to Mormon: Glass house analogy means, I can appreciate your point of view/beliefs but you gotta keep your judgmental comments in check. At one time I remember your marriage was falling apart too. Thank "God" you two managed to work it out. I honor the sanctity of marriage more than anyone reading this. I deal with hundreds of people every single day who dispose of a sacred union like it was their 1st grade girlfriend.To each their own. I may not believe what you believe but I do believe in the 1st Amendment! You can preach on my page anytime your heart desires! And my brother, Jimmie can also preach on my page. What I believe is that, the man who said that is a sociopathic idiot who psychologically terrorizes his ex spouse.
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JD to Mormon: One more thing Mormon, this is NOT meant to be an attack on you- Everyone on this earth is entitled to their opinion and in a "private forum" for which I decide what gets said, sacreligious comments are not disrespectful. Instead they are the product of educated, independent minds. Diversity is a must. We are not sheep and we do not drink Kool Aid, at least not in my family we don't.
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D said...

My friend Briana and I read this post together while we were procrastinating at work. We even did voices. It was a hoot.