Saturday, August 18, 2012

The "Boss"

Sounds elusive already, right? Here's the scoop. Generally speaking, I am one to learn from other's mistakes. I do not like learning the hard way and work very hard to learn how to not fuck up. The problem with this tactic is that when I inevitably fuck up, because I am not perfect, I beat myself up emotionally to the point of pure devastation. P S Y C H O!

About that Boss...After months of sending out resumes every single day, even cold "calling" Attorney's that appear to be exceptionally good at what they do, I have obtained employment. The Boss has NO tolerance for mistakes.

The interview:

First, I walk into the office and disappointment floods me. Plush green carpet, eccentric furniture and gold fixtures. YUCK! Oh and the aroma of convalescents is gagging me. Next, I hear two of the office girls arguing. The banter is inappropriate and riddled with expletives. My skin crawls. Fuck it! I have nothing to lose. Instead of running, which I would do, I sat patiently. After what felt like hours, my bladder is screaming, my stomach is growling, and my patience is thin. The Boss summons me. He's multi tasking- slurping down his lunch, while interviewing me. I like him.

The Boss is a giant man, 6'4" dressed impeccably, burning grey eyes, and a fun friendly staff dotting over him. The interview starts off like this:

"What will I do when you leave to study for the Bar Exam?"

Me: [thank god we are dealing with the elephant right off the bat]
Me: We hire a temp.

Boss: After the bar then what?
Me: You hire me ...or rent me office space.

Boss: I like you.
picks up his phone and texts someone I find out later he was texting the office manager "I like her"

Boss: Well, the girl you will replace hasnt actually found a job yet.
Me: Stomach drops. WTF!? Oh.

Boss: Ask me questions
Me: Ok, blah blah blah blah I have a million questions.

Boss: Ok start tomorrow.
Me: ?huh? OK? I don't understand but whatever. I am a week and a half into the job and he is just as talented and wonderful at what he does as I had hoped. He knows I want a mentor and he is very gracious to me. This type of work is mentally taxing and leaves me empty at night because I am drained. But this is what I love. I finally feel like I have purpose again. My own office, three attorney's to learn from, a huge clientele base to work with, all the amenities to get the job done right. The smell is remedied by candles, the green carpet is easily ignored and the possibilities are endless.

Thank you universe for depriving me off all the other jobs that I did not get. This is the job I need. I would do it for free!

There are good attorney's out there. The baller well in a twisted way I miss his eccentric and outrageous correspondence. His send off went like this: "On the real, you missed out on something really, really, great sugar!"

Ok, a little off color but I found it endearing.

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