Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Clouds Part and the Sun Shines Through

After a breakup girls often wonder WHEN WILL I FEEL BETTER? The day comes, it really does. No matter how long the relationship was or how involved it was, the day comes. That day when you wake up and think, holy shit I haven't thought about him in weeks, is like heaven. TIME HEALS ALL.

Lately, I find myself increasingly irritated when that stupid blue light is flashing on my phone and it is HIM. What do you want? He always needs something random. Call someone else! That's when you know you are over the hump and you have MOVED ON.

Slowly, I am re-learning about myself and the things that bring me happiness. Everyone loses their separate identity to some extent in a relationship but I lost every part of me. Law School boy and I listened to the same music but he was THE ENEMY OF FUN and would not partake in any kind of social functions. My loss of self got to the point that I was afraid there was nothing that brought me joy.

I'm back to my music obsessions, and blogging! Last night I went to a party! This morning I bought tickets to see my new obsession at the very cutest venue in LA. Miracle Mile, it's been way too long! I used to run from my apartment on Miracle Mile to the LA Fitness on Wilshire every day. As I turned the corner I was often stopped in my tracks by the long line in front of the Theater. I always wanted to go. Two birds with one stone, I can go reminisce on the best days of my life in LA and see the best R&B singer since...dare I say it...Prince. Yes. That good.

The point of this post is that post breakup the despair we feel really, truly, does GO AWAY. I guess it's easier when you are the one who left but then regret creeps up or uncertainty and it doesn't feel good. One day you wake up strong and the sun shines through- possibilities are endless.

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