Monday, August 27, 2012

Grammar Nazi

Most, if not all, lawyers are grammar Nazi's. They walk around correcting you all day long. When you speak to a grammar Nazi, you spend ten minutes planning what you will say. That won't help because they get off on making you look/feel dumb.

What does a girl do if say, the grammar Nazi is her boss. And lets say, he makes a few stylistic errors. Perhaps the girl has multiple handbooks on legal style and she tabs the pages that show the grammar Nazi that his formatting is improper. Then she brings it to his attention.

"Sir, I'm just verifying that you want this XXX to look like this. Specifically, xxx because from what I learned that is improper. (Shows boss the tabbed book) he searches for an error in my interpretation of the words, then he looks at the title to see who the so-called authority is, finally he says, is this your book or mine? I say, mine. He says, continue doing it my way. I say, of course just wanted to check."

You see as he proof reads my pleadings he points out my errors but not to me...He tells the other girl JD...blah blah. Then I get mad because he is wrong. Is he going to teach me bad habits? Or, am I strong enough to remember I am doing it incorrectly. Also, I feel embarrassed for him by doing it wrong.

Style, shmyle, but an impressive letter, pleading, points and authorities, done carefully really sets one apart. At least here in my ghetto ass neighborhood it does. Over here in hell, clerks with a brain half the size of a child do the forms, letters, pleadings and the lawyers rarely if ever do law and motion briefs.

Are lawyers lazy? Stupid question.

I try very, very, very, hard to temper my ways at this job. To do things their way and ignore the minor issues but why not be more efficient? I know, I know, I won't do it again. Tongue will be bitten and I'll focus my obsessive compulsive behaviors on myself. Washing the car will be the first thing on my agenda, Ill do it my way. Which means it will still be dirty when I'm done....

#KnowYourPlace & #Don'tReinventTheWheel #Don'tStepOnToes

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Disney said...

Why do you always work for a$$holes? I think men feel the need to correct and intimidate you because you're so intimidating. It's your best and worst trait. Keep your mouth shut and remember someday it'll be your own brief you're drafting and it will be perfect. Just like you.