Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guilty Single Girl Complex

Do you ever find yourself hanging out with ALL couples? In anticipation of this event do you find yourself dressing down? Then when you get there, do you go out of your way to avoid making eye contact with any of the men?

I guess in order to have all this anxiety you probably have to think you are irresistible. And we all know that I happen to think that I am irresistible. This is ridiculous, I might add. Everyone starts drinking and next thing you know you are holding court. There is something alluring about a single woman. Especially when among several couples. The girls feel sorry for you and the men desire you. Can't win.

When I was dating LSBoy I recall thinking the single girls that would hang out with us sometimes were very appealing. They had a sexual aura that the girlfriend or wife does not have. This is the guilty single girl complex. You feel bad for being you. That is dumb.

So girls, no more sitting in a dark corner trying to avoid attention! No more dressing down and suppressing your sexuality! Be proud!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

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