Saturday, March 16, 2013

Actually Living?

My very good friend, soon to be law firm partner, wrote a blog post that got me thinking.

My only focus in life is achieving goals. Enjoying life, finding hobbies, or relationships with family, friends, boys, none of that is very important to me. Now I feel sad. Where do I start? I don't even know what things people do that constitute "living" life. Being a prisoner to school and a demanding job for sooooo many years has brainwashed me. I forgot what I used to do. I think I used to live life but I can't be sure.

It's always- as soon as I ______________, I will start to live life. The _______________, never happens. I must vow to figure all of this out and try to find out what would make my life rich.


D said...

We used to hike. You liked hiking. That's a good start. Start small and expand...

JD-Maybe said...

I hike Mt. Rubidoux may not be Runyan but it does the trick...temporarily of course.