Friday, March 15, 2013

Exactly Two Weeks Post Bar Exam

Writing right now feels very forced. I'm not particularly inspired nor do I have anything really relevant to say. Today law school boy and I reunited, probably for the last time, to visit my grandpa who loves him dearly. My grandma has been dead for two months and my grandpa is already "seeing someone." I guess when you are at an advanced age and lonely, love comes quickly. It's all too weird.

Being in my grandma's house, which now looks empty, with my ex and my grandpa felt wrong. It all felt wrong. Now I feel empty. Probably shouldn't have done it. LSBoy tricked me. I told him today that I changed my mind and did not want to go through with the visit. He replied, "I hope you will reconsider." I took this to mean that he regretted not seeing family before they passed. When i asked him about it he said, no I have no regrets. So I got pissed. If you have no regrets then why did you tell me I should reconsider?

I just don't do family. Period. Let sleeping dogs lie.

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