Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Grown-up Apartment

College has taken up about ten years of my life. At 34 years old, I have yet to plant roots. It seems like just when I get settled in an apartment I meet a guy, fall in love, and move in-with him. Then I give all of my household items to those in need. This has happened all too frequently in my life. It's really not that tragic though because most of my stuff was junk anyway. This apartment will be different and it's exhausting. Today, I spent seven hours searching for things that represent me. I went to Homegoods, Ross, Kirkland, Target, Furniture Stores, Thrift Stores, you name it I was there today. While analyzing how I went wrong in the past and why I am filling another household when I should have kept the stuff I already had, it occurred to me that I should set boundaries with myself. Hence the rule: If I don't LOVE it, I don't buy it. If I live in emptiness for a while, so be it.

The purpose of the rule is to make sure I don't fill my space up with junk for the sole reason of filling empty space. If I don't LOVE it, I don't buy it. In other words I will be living in 915 square feet of emptiness until I find the perfect everything. LSBoy has graciously donated one of his many couches, which also happens to be my favorite couch ever and will totally suffice as a bed, temporarily. Other than that, I have two dressers, a night stand and a desk.

I came home with a Kate Spade sugar bowl that regularly goes for 85.00, I paid 12.00. [WOOHOO] My normal habit is to just buy everything I need regardless of whether I found it to be the best fit for me. I would have expected myself to feel frustrated because I have five days to do what I always do, fill up an apartment with junk. Interestingly, I felt empowered because I was being very particular about what I want. Once I got home I took a 45 minute shower (thrift stores are gross), and then went to my old faithful Amazon cart.

Another odd habit of mine is to obsessively search online, for the perfect everything. I compare prices and read reviews until I am cross eyed. Then I fill my Amazon cart up. Next step, close browser. Today I decided to commit. After the 200th time looking at these specific dishes, glasses, flatware, pots, and corning ware, I decided it was time.

It's hard to follow my rule when I see things like bathroom accessories, knives in a wood block and various ladles in a metal cup. Chances are you either own all of those things, or know someone who does. I think everyone has those things. They are all completely unnecessary. Dirt collecting, unsanitary sources of clutter is how I see it. Toothbrush holders, and fancy wood blocks are appealing in theory but once you get them in your kitchen they just collect dust. All you need are super luxurious bathroom rugs, soap, and hand towels. Don't leave your toilet paper rolls out in some fancy metal thing and certainly do NOT leave your toothbrush out. Don't be tricked by the glitter and curvy metal, its all just clutter- unnecessary dust collecting junk. I would have fallen for the trick in the past. Thinking about the actual function of things helps me not buy shit that I really don't understand to begin with.

Trendsetter I'm not. The bright spring colors are very attractive and it's hard for me to succumb to consumerism. My preference is white. Navy blue is also on my top five list. The struggle is between my subconscious desire to be the crazy single girl I used to be with the crazy decor and the professional grown ass woman I really am. I truly believe I could live in an all white house. Isn't that odd? Also, I have a chair obsession. And, I also like solid wood furniture. My friend said to me, "don't buy such expensive stuff..what if you get married?" That reminded me of one of my favorite books ever. Falling for Anna David.

Anna talks about the Vogue icon, and greatest female role model of all time Anna Wintour. She was a feminist before feminism really became mainstream. But a different type of feminist. More like the kind who learns the rules to the game and plays it without compromising her god given gifts of femininity. Back to Anna David, after some serious soul searching she goes out and buys ridiculously expensive window treatments. Anna turns her "little girl" apartment into her heaven. The moral of the story is, we don't have to wait until marriage to fill our lives with quality things that make us very happy.

I promised myself before LSBoy that I would never move in with a guy before marriage. Well, shit happens and I was left with nothing. This time I mean it. I'm not getting rid of my stuff ever again. And, everything in my house will truly represent me. Grown up, semi professional, brilliant, self sufficient, ME. Finally.

p.s. No kids allowed in my apartment


Paragon2Pieces said...

This: "The moral of the story is, we don't have to wait until marriage to fill our lives with quality things that make us very happy." So very true.

Chaoticmomslife said...

I can't wait to move and do this same thing. For once representing me not just stuff.

JD-Maybe said...

one week in and the apartment is pretty empty. Strangely its gratifying because I am not wasting money on filling space. Each think is where i absolutely must have it and each thing i love. Its a great feeling.