Friday, November 22, 2013

I never Want to Forget This

Oh, It's a beautiful day. I just got the news that my close friend, mentor, OG road dawg just passed the freekin bar!!! This is someone who is a huge asset to the field of law and will bring integrity, ethics, and values into everything she does. We are ALL blessed today. Congratulations JDMaybe on this huge accomplishment!! You continue to pave a way for all the people who, at one time, have "outrageous" dreams, but have the courage to fight for them and turn them into realities despite the setbacks, failures, and non believers!! Because of you I am where I am today and will continue my education until I reach ALL my goals! We now have THE BEST of the best people. I am so genuinely happy an proud today. Happy patrol for life!
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JDMaybe I am HONORED that you consider me a mentor. I love you to death and always knew you had the same kind of drive as me. What you do for this world is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much! Happy Patrol FOR LIFE. xoxo
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Maxine Together we are changing this world and bringing beauty and light into even the most darkest places!!!!! I can't wait to start a non profit and have you on the team!!! Our drive is a product of the potential we see in this world as our place in the change!! I love you so much!!!! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!
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Maxine And yes yes yes you most definitely are still my mentor!!! You are the REASON I'm here where I am doing what I'm doing now!!! You've changed many lives through the greatness you brought to light in me!!!!
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Bobby said...

Congratulations!! This is so awesome! ...all your hard work...all those hours....sacrifice.

I'm going to come to where you are and start breaking laws so that you can represent me. Represent!

I should probably figure out what kind of law you do so that I'll know what kind of laws I should break.

Awesome Awesome

JD-Maybe said...

@ Bobby- Family law so you have to come to California get married, and then get divorced... ;)

Paragon2Pieces said...