Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where did your personality go?

The tone in my class is different. The excited chit chat at the beginning of class is fading. We work and some work a full 40 hours. They rush into class disheveled and red faced, hungry and tired! The excitement has worn off and now they are run down. It's a grind--for sure. I feel for them.

I'm lucky I don't work 40 hours and my work is super flexible. They understand when I need to get things done. I also don't have a family to support so if I run out of money and starve ...its ok.

No one has dropped out yet. I still can't figure out who will but the upper level kids say at least 5 will be gone by Spring. I have not considered quitting and I'm not really a quitter anyway but I do feel unorganized again. This happens like every week. Right when I get my act together ---something else comes up and I'm out of it again.

I have enough flash cards to wallpaper my apartment. I'm pretty sure my flashcards annoy my classmates cuz at least 2 of them have made comments. They can kiss my ass tho cuz thats how I learn. I have started out lining but I can't figure out which of the three computers I use that I saved my torts outline on? I found my contracts outline and it looks downright scary. Im trying to get all my reading done so I can outline this weekend.

Happy Thurday! :(

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