Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Professors are getting Nutty

Professor K:

"So I hear you have a memo due. That is the excuse of the hour for not doing the Contracts reading. It's just not fair. See the cases on the board...that's right I am assigning a memo too. Now you can go to your legal writing professor and tell him that you don't have time to do his memo because you need to work on mine."

Professor K:

"The poor lil old lady believes she is a good dancer. Do you mean to tell me that she should trust the dance much so that she pays thousands of dollars for dance lessons--even though she can't hear the beat of the music?"

"John does that mean you believe your prostitute lover when she tells you what a stud you are? I bet you think she really loves you too....awe....poor guy."

Half the class turns various shades of red and the other half, me included is laughing themselves to tears.

He goes on...

"My new favorite show is the Real Housewives of Atlanta, there is this white lady on there named Kim and she thinks she can sing....Who does that remind you of?"

"People in California don't have roaches, in Texas where I come from they crawl out of your mouth every morning, it doesn't stop us from buying houses."

"Don't worry guys I am writing a Contracts Text book and it will be filllllled with Intoxication cases."

Professor Blinky: "DID YOU know......(very excitedly) that there is a statute of limitations on debt? If you get sued and the statute of limitations is up YOU can claim it as a defense." "Did you guys hear that YOU don't have to pay your debts."

Professor K: "If you ever have a client who wants out of an input contract ...just tell him to order waaaaaay more than the person can possibly manufacture, then when he can't provide the goods, fire him and viola no breach for you!" "But really don't do that it's really unethical."

Professor Torts: "Ok guys you can stop reading now....we're done." (WTF we have two more class meetings?)

Wow the end of the semester is like night and day compared to the beginning. We hit the ground running and now we are all half asleep and everyone is ok with it. Something is fishy...I'll have to re-evaluate this after finals...Why are they giving us so much time to prep? I must not have any idea what is in store for me.


DINKS said...

yeah so....i have noooo idea what all that meant. but i was just as entertained as ever ;)

JD-Maybe said...

I am too lazy to cite the cases. Those comments are like inside jokes for 1Ls (first year law students) they are the standard cases that we all have to read and they are all equally bizare. Law Professors are strange creatures and quite amusing. My non law friends hate when I do those posts cuz they have NO clue what I am talking about.