Friday, December 5, 2008


I guess my gaydar is defective or maybe I don't have one. Yes I pretty much live in West Hollywood but my freaking god! The super delicious, dreamy, hot guy who lives exactly 4 footsteps across the hall is officially gay! My friends had suspicions but he is a model and well I guess I just sorta was in denial ;) Anyway, him, his adorable boyfriend, and mom are fucking decorating the tree with the door wide open. THANKS A LOT BUDDY! I guess I shoulda known better when the very first time I met him he exclaimed, "girl you look gorgeous!" (me and the gals were walking out of my apt. to go dancin!!) Straight men don't generally tell random new neighbor girls those kind of things, at least not in my world. Sooooo Sad.

Ok back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. If he says the word "gorgeous" then he's gay.

And usually, if he's too pretty, he's gay.

And re: comment at my place, thank you! but there's really not much between the lines. I try to keep it simple!