Thursday, December 18, 2008


Im pretty sure I bombed contracts because although I know every restatement under the sun...I was so consumed with that ....that I didnt do a good enough analysis! AND in addition to that i freakin used the wrong statute of frauds...I used UCC and it didnt even apply to this hypo.

Do you think a lot of students mix up a law or two. I mean shit we memorize 8 million things do they really expect us to keep it all perfectly straight? I'm dissapointed because I worked really hard but I guess the only way to get better is by messing up. Off to sleep. I feel lost now. I have no studying to do?


Anonymous said...

as long as you do better than everyone else, then you're good. that's my mantra. you don't have to get everything right as long as someone else gets one less right. i always felt like i bombed every test (ask mannya), but it always turned out OK. my first contracts final, i got half the possible points, but still ended up with a B+. It's crazy, but that's the law school curve for ya. congrats on finishing your first semester!

JD-Maybe said...

thank you sweety!!