Thursday, September 24, 2009

Off the record

Sort of. Today I went to the cafe to endulge in my favorite deal: Kids grilled cheese! Well lucky for me a handful of the mouthiest professors were also there. Let me warn you THEY DO TALK ABOUT US! AND THEY MOCK US AND THEY LAUGH REALLY REALLY LOUD!

None of the professors seemed concerned with being quiet knowing I was sitting right there and yes they knew I was a student. They were discussing student attire, the stories students tell at break when they think the professors are not listening and the dumb answers we give them.

They seem to be quite amused by us and not in a good way. So watch your words kids...they will laugh at you later. You may not care what they think of you but I do.

Oh and I think ill dress up as a slutty law student for halloween! What is it with the girls here they have no concept of appropriate clothing. These chicks look like they either just rolled out of bed (no bra no underwear see-through sleeping pants) or they are going out clubbing. Fucking retarded. I like to think grad school is for mature adults but law school is arguably worse than high school.

Back to property...gotta impress twinkle toes tonight.


Cowgirl in the City said...

Lol... I completely agree. Law school is ridiculously similiar to high school.

And I work for professors and its true, they LOVE to talk about their students.

Nichicakes said...

Dressing inappropriately doesnt stop at school as you well know from working with us... I they made me post a dress code.. Ahh ha you should have seen how well that went over. I've never seen so many people come to my office at one time.

? said...

I am obsessed with your blog. Yours is the only that I check daily in hopes of an update.

JD-Maybe said...

Heidi...Thank you that is the best compliment ever!

B said...

law school = high school all over again. enough said.

Eliza said...

Inappropriate - you have to pull your skirt down as you walk because everyone behind you knows that you are wearing red undies.

I have to admit, when I was teaching, students were easy prey. If you are ever in a situation where you want to hear the bitchiest comments, check out Chronicle of Higher Ed. I think its message boards are still free. Even I never went that far!

Love, love, love your blog.

JD-Maybe said...

Why thank you Eliza! I love your blog too.