Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Attention Blawgers

Where are you? Leave me a comment if you are not on my Blawg roll I need some fresh insight---new thoughts, where is IDWSJ? What the hell is going on?

When I first started blogging, two years ago, it seemed like people were so anxious and full of good stories, helpful advice and study tips. Where are you guys? I think I'm missing something.

Who are you? Leave me a comment with your blog url so I can check you all out.


Anonymous said...


Michael said...

IDWSJ left the blawgosphere a few weeks ago... he had a run-in with potential employers googling him etc etc. and decided he was best off out of it (at least for the time being).

The 'sphere goes through busy and quiet spells and from what I read on a regular basis, there's still a lot of camaraderie and support out there.

It'll pick up again! :-)

Hallie said...

oh heyyyyyy.
i'm here. 3 days from bar results.
if you don't hear from me again after friday it's because I failed and moved to Aruba.

Anonymous said...

An Associate's Mind:


TJ said...

http://zendegi0.blogspot.com/ Formerly View From The Middle. Keep bloggin'! We are still out here!