Saturday, October 8, 2011

And the Tides have Changed Again...

I remember so vividly freaking out on this blog when I turned 30...well guess what I am turning 33 this month! Can you believe it! I am a bonafide grown ass woman. Crazy.

It's my last year in law school and things have clicked. Time for me to go out there and make some money!


Being in a relationship can drain you, it can literally suck the life out of you, especially if it is not a good relationship. What is the problem now, you ask...well my dearest law school boy and I have some very FUNDAMENTAL differences.

I won't disclose those differences but lets just say I am starting to die a little inside. I hate blog posts where every sentence starts with "I" but it's been a while so give me some slack.

Besides the nightmares about rats and dying animals I have been having every night I also have this insatiable craving to be free from any ties. Life is passing me by and I am hiding in this dark and dreary room. My body is sick! I haven't gotten fat but I don't have ONE muscle and I look gross and old. When I am single I am so in love with myself that I work out, eat right, and take good care of myself. I guess right now I just dont love myself. This is not what i planned for myself.

For now I'll be planning....stay posted.


Rachael Parker said...

Do you plan on dumping him??????
Ah that's sooooooo exiting! congrats Love!

JD-Maybe said...

I did...