Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Accidental" text

Have you ever sent out a text then realized later you sent it to the wrong person. Or have you ever sent out a text on purpose to make the receiver think it was an accident?

I got this text last night from LSBoy: "Going to bed so early?...Goodnight, sweet dreams"

You are probably thinking, is this some kind of bad joke? That's what I thought, right before I went fucking psycho on his ass.

I said: "Wrong girl, idiot. Delete my number from your phone RIGHT THIS FUCKING SECOND, so this doesnt happen again OR ELSE i am going to ruin your fucking life, do NOT test me."

He said 3x: "JD!JD!JD!"

I said: "I will repeat this ONE MORE TIME, delete my number from your phone or I WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE."

Don't think his ex girlfriends, or his parents or their parents want to see what I have of them. Think, Paris Hilton...That's right you fuck me up like that and I WILL GET REVENGE. But today I decided living well is the best revenge, he's an idiot and some other chick can have him!



Rachael Parker said...

You seem a little ill tempered but good for you. you show him!

pupslinger said...

Wow. Can't see why he'd throw away a sweet-mannered jewel like you. LOL

JD-Maybe said...

@Ms. Pubpslinger....I read your blog, you sound like a tough cookie too ;)