Wednesday, November 2, 2011

His & Hers- Moving On- and Generation Jersey Shore

So far I've lived at my new home for 3 days and it has been perfect. Just enough interaction with the roommates to not feel lonely but still have my privacy, and also still give them their privacy. My room is SPOTLESS it has become an obsession after living in pure chaos for so long, I knew that would happen. I need to get a few more things then it will be my sanctuary. The ONLY problem with this house is the his/hers everything. Every item in this house is x2 one for him and one for her and thats how my house was, so that makes me sad.

I stopped counting the days that me and LSBoy haven't spoken. I saw him in class last night and he flat out ignored me or maybe I flat out ignored him--not sure. That is shitty but oh well. Neither him nor his mother contacted me on my bday so I'm guessing they took the "hate JD" route as a coping mechanism. Which is sad but it kind of shows me what kind of people they really are. There is no reason to hate me I did everything I could and I still love that guy more than he will ever know. BUT I can not disrespect myself and be untrue to myself, I just cant.

This jersey shore mentality the young one's have right now is quite disturbing. I'll elaborate later. For now Im going to get in the shower and make myself look normal for the first time in who knows how long. Here's to moving on....


Anonymous said...

Wow! He didnt even tell you Happy Birthday??? Whata dick! You guys just barely broke up but I guess if that was me I wouldnt say happy birthday either. Oh and for your living space being "spotless" there is NOTHING wrong with that! Cleanliness is next to godliness, so they say.

JD-Maybe said...

@Anonymous: That's right! My clean clean clean room is my sanctuary! I actually have peace for the first time in many years!