Thursday, February 16, 2012

Without Exception THIS is my Reality--

I am a highly sensitive person because:

1. I have an extraordinary sense of smell, I have blogged about this before. I can smell sickness, body odor, animals, your lotion, any food or drink you have recently consumed, cigarettes, weed, even Meth, alcohol from yesterday seeping from your pores, dirty hair, fake hair, freshly died hair, self tanner, dirt, car brakes, car overheating, tires, ebrake, and i swear I can smell plaque on people's teeth. I am obsessed with perfume and cologne, candles, notes anything to do with fragerance I am all about it.

2. I am overly perceptive and notice details that most people wouldn't dream of paying attention to. In fact at times I can memorize an entire setting. From exactly how you made your bed, to what color socks I saw you wear.

3. I am VERY easily overstimulated by crowds, and people

4. I always think deeply and exhaust myself

6. I feel EVERYONE'S PAIN. I'm in the airport and I spot a woman across the way from me, sort of hidden in a corner, she is crying. I have no idea who she is but I cry for her. I feel all pain that I am made aware of just as deeply as the person experiencing it. My parents stopped talking me to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve because I would cry hysterically the whole time--I would cry for the homeless who were there and I would cry for Jesus....I swear. Weird I know.

7. My feelings, intuitions, understanding, empathy, and perception cause me to feel a lot of things that normal people filter out. The result of this burden is (a) me isolating myself a lot to recover from social situations; (b) feeling extreme sadness and guilt when those I love are hurting; (c) crying while watching the news; (d) being ultra considerate of others feelings, time and just imposing on anyone in general. It's an exhausting existence-

I am glad to know there is a lot of new research going on and I can talk to my Dr. about helping me cope with the biological makeup of my brain that makes my hyper sensitive everything including noise, lights, extreme weather, rudeness, nonverbal cues etc.


T.P. said...

I find this to be so fascinating, but definitely not enviable, considering how much emotions you can soak up just walking down the street.

JD-Maybe said...

T.P. thank you for reading my blog! I checked out your blog and I would love to know more about you. Your posts are very different from what I am used to. If you feel so inclined, share a little about yourself with me. Take care and remember--you may not know it, but there are 100s of people that have probably been touched by your brother. He seems similar to me, in some ways.

T.P. said...

Thanks for your comment regarding my brother. I've been subscribed to your blog for a long time now. I just love reading your post because I am always rooting for you, hoping you can overcome everything that was in your way. I am just not one to constantly comment on post.

I am a 2L at a TTT in Los Angeles. My goal has been to do public interest law from the beginning and now it seems like I am leaning toward the immigration area. I'm just trying to make it through law school in one piece and still retain my dignity.

JD-Maybe said...

T.P. work hard and you will always be fine. And even though you have certain worries about your brother and his lack of socialization, he probably enjoys it. I am a very independent and solitary person. I have close friends, a lot actually, but they have all known me most of my life so they are used to my weird and sudden absences. I wish you the best of luck in your law school adventure. If you love it, you will always be fine.